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Can we meet our DJ?

Absolutely! In fact, we actually recommend either a face-to-face or video conference prior to your event.

How much is this going to cost?

Because every event is different, its hard to put one price on it. However, our rates are very competitive, and I can assure you that you will be beyond satisfied with our services.

We’re worried about getting a Cheesy DJ, What are your DJ’s like?

No need to worry about that. Our DJ’s are extremely professional and current. We leave the cheesy DJ games at the door and bring the most current music to make sure your event is talked about for years to come.

Will You Play Our Requests?

Gladly! Prior to your event we will ask for a list of must play songs, but we will also be prepared for most any request your guests might have. With our catalog of over 30,000 songs, we can accommodate almost any request.

Will You Make All the Announcements We Need?

Of course, announcing all your formalities and events is part of what we do best! Count on us to make sure your guests know exactly when everything will happen – no one will miss an important part of your event! In fact, our comprehensive event planning form will help us plan your even to your exact specifications.

Are You More Expensive than Other DJs?

We offer terrific value for your money. Your DJ will create the atmosphere for your entire event and can literally make or break your party. Regardless of the cost, no other DJ company can offer you the quality event that Wes Brawner events will be able to offer.

Will the DJ have all the music we need?

Your DJ will have enough music to play for four days non-stop without repeating a single song! Plus, with our 30,000+ song music library we have the music for almost everyone. Finally, if we don’t have it, you’re welcome to bring it and our DJ will happily make sure that it is part of your event music.

Will his equipment work well in our location?

We use professional DJ equipment that is designed to work in all types of venues.

What happens if the DJ gets sick or is in an accident?

If your DJ is unable to perform due to sickness or accident, we will provide a replacement at our own expense.

Why are you the best DJ for our event?

Wes Brawner is the best DJ for your event for multiple reasons, including the attention to every detail you require for your event, the depth of my musical knowledge, and my outgoing personality that draws everyone in to ensure that no one leaves unhappy.

Do you have references?

Yes, we would love to send you a list of references. You can also find us on Wedding Wire and the Knot.

How can we book your services?

Simply contact us at 678.383.9874 and we will help guide you through the entire process. We are looking forward to working with you.

More questions?

Contact us at 678.524.6707 or today.

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