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Use Your Creative Wedding Ideas

Use Your Creative Wedding Ideas

This isn’t the first video of a surprise dance that I’ve seen on YouTube. It’s not even the first Mother-Son surprise dance. It does, however, reiterate the fact that you can get creative in any number of elements of your wedding day.

– Want to walk down the aisle to Etta James: At Last or Brandi Carlile: The Story? Do it.

– Want to see your bride/groom before the wedding to save time on pics and reception later? Do it.

– Want to do a surprise choreographed dance? Do it.

– Want paper bouquets instead of traditional flowers? Make it happen.

8-11 paper bouquet

credit: Kim Le Photography

I’m sure most brides have already done this, but Pinterest is your best friend when planning your wedding. Guys, don’t be afraid of it either. I even have a personal page.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 8.28.50 PM

Don’t let tradition stand in the way of having a great time. Most of us don’t have jobs where we are in the public eye every day, so your wedding day is the one day where you are on center stage. After spending so many years working in this industry, we have the knowledge to help you. Let us help you implement all of your creative wedding ideas.

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