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Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance


So, many of you won’t have heard about this, unless you have seen it in the news, but venue in New York called reBar closed abruptly this past week. Apprently the owner filed bankruptcy and closed the doors, absconding with over $100,000 in wedding deposits for upcoming events. These couple have lost their hard earned money to a criminal, some of them with no way to replace those funds. Most of them have been left with the only option of going on GoFundMe, indiegogo, or any number of other crowd-sourced fundraising sites to try and raise some of the funds to book a new venue.

NY Daily News


What does this mean for you?

Generally speaking, nothing. However, it should make you think “what will happen if that happens with my venue?” or “what if my photographer/caterer/DJ/florist doesn’t show up?”. We live in a world where any of these things can happen. How do you protect yourself against it?

After some searching (it wasn’t hard. I just typed wedding insurance into Google), I found wedding insurance. There are a number of different companies that offer it, and it covers a wide range of things:

No Dress
Lost Deposits
Lost Rings
Severe Weather
Transportation Shutdown
Ruined Photos
Call to Duty
Damaged Gifts
Sudden Illness
Venue Requires Insurance
Additional Expense

While I’m not saying that any of these things are going to happen, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. I would had for any of you to end up like one of the couples that has lost their deposits, and venue.

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