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Why You Need A Planner/Coordinator 

Normally, I’d talk to you about why you need to hire a great DJ… Not today.
You need a planner. Or day-of coordinator.
A message I received from a fellow vendor last night confirmed this. She was the florist for the wedding, and had offered a great deal to coordinate, since she would be there all day anyways. Now, I note, she is a coordinator as well, so this not something she is unfamiliar with.

Back to last night. The DJ was late. 20 minutes late, for the ceremony. And he was providing ceremony music. And the caterer? 3 hours. It pushed everything back. A coordinator could have confirmed everything for the bride and verified all arrival and set-up times.

The short of it is… Don’t skimp on your coordinator or planner. It makes our job as a DJ much easier, and you will be happy you have one.

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