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Your Perfect Wedding Playlist

It’s always fun to work on playlist with a client, especially for a wedding. Brides always get so excited about thinking how people will react to their list.

Sometimes, it’s no so easy to get that list together. A few suggestions to help you get that list together.

Some advice to help plan your perfect wedding playlist.

1. Make sure you list the music that YOU want to hear first. It’s your day after all. If you want to hear Outkast, Garth Brooks, and Michael Buble…. Write them down. We will get around to your families favorites later…

2. Are there any songs that are special to your other family members (parents, grandparents, etc..)? Make sure to include them, and indicate that they are important.

3. What do your friends like? Taking into account the guests at your event goes a long way to having the “perfect playlist”.

4. Allow your guests to make requests at the event. Your DJ already should know what songs he shouldn’t play, so having a dog requested that you don’t want played shouldn’t be an issue.

5. Trust your DJ. Don’t give us a list of every song that you want played, and expect every song be played exactly where you want it. An experienced DJ knows how to guide the music and the crowd throughout the event.

Just a few suggestions to help you plan your event. Contact me today at for a custom quote on your event.

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